Dwayne’s Story: ‘Five Counties Got Me Up on My Feet’

Dwayne’s Story: ‘Five Counties Got Me Up on My Feet’

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Photo of Dwayne Clapper

Dwayne is a busy member of the Peterborough community where he was born and raised. He volunteers with the East Peterborough Lion’s Club, in the community and at Five Counties’ Winterfest event. He participates in the Special Olympics in Peterborough, playing hockey, baseball, soccer and bocce ball. “I’m pretty much into everything.” says Dwayne. In the winter he also bowls and plays ice hockey with the Kawartha Komets. “You’ll never catch me at home!”

But Dwayne wasn’t always able to be this involved. When Dwayne was a child, he was having trouble walking and struggled with speech. He started attending Five Counties, initially to work on building up his ability to walk. Once he mastered that, he began working on his speech.

Dwayne Clapper is a former Five Counties client.“Five Counties got me up on my feet. Once I was able to do that they moved on to working on my speech. It worked really well and, after awhile, I didn’t need to go back anymore.”

Dwayne is grateful for the support Five Counties gave him when he was a child, so he wanted to share his story as a way to give back.

“I’m still here walking and talking and doing all the things I want to do.”


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