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Patient Safety 

Five Counties Children’s Centre is vitally interested in the health and safety of our families, employees, volunteers and visitors and is actively committed to protecting you by providing a safe environment within each of the Centre’s sites of service delivery. View our Patient Safety policy.

Consumer Satisfaction

As a part of Five Counties Children’s Centre’s commitment to providing quality care to clients and their families, the Centre sends an annual survey to clients and their parents asking for feedback on service and information provided to them.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please contact Elizabeth Martinell at 748-2337 ext. 320 or 1-888-779-9916 ext. 320.

Complaints Procedure

Our goal is to provide services of the highest quality. To achieve this, we welcome ongoing feedback from families. Hearing both your compliments and your concerns helps us to build on and improve our services. We will respond to any concerns that you may have.

Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request in order to provide feedback.

If you have a concern about the services provided, we encourage you to discuss this with the therapist or employee who is working with your child. The employee will work with you to resolve the situation. If the situation is not resolved, or you are uncomfortable approaching the employee, you can request assistance from the Manager. Contact names and numbers are listed in the contact us section of this website.

If a family continues to feel that the resolution is not sufficient, they may request a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer.

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