Infant Hearing Program
Infant Hearing Program
(Childhood Permanent Hearing Impairment Program)

The Ontario government’s Infant Hearing Program is a publicly-funded initiative for children with permanent hearing impairments from birth to Grade One entry. This program includes:

  • Baby getting a hearing screening done as part of Ontario's Infant Hearing Program.Infant Hearing Screening: Approximately 24 hours after birth, infants may have their hearing screened by a trained screener from the Centre at Peterborough Regional Health Centre. Babies who ‘refer’ on the initial screening will be seen for follow-up at the community screening clinic and/or by an audiologist for a more in-depth assessment. Babies born at other area hospitals or at-home will be screened at community clinics.

If the baby does not get a hearing screening shortly after birth, the baby will be seen at a community clinic located at the Five Counties Children’s Centre sites (Peterborough, Lindsay, Cobourg). Babies identified with hearing loss or ‘at risk’ will be referred for follow-up services such as audiology, family support services, communication development services or further screening.

By getting a hearing screening, potential problems can be identified early on. This allows a child to get access to technology and assistive devices (like hearing aids) or other support services that can ensure they develop and reach their full potential.

  • Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment Services: This program includes children with permanent hearing impairments as diagnosed by an audiologist. Services available to these children and their families include family support, communication development, audiology and hearing aid management.

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