Quality Inclusion Collaborative
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Quality Inclusion Collaborative (QIC)

Welcome to Peterborough’s Early Learning and Child Care Quality Assurance Initiative! We support early childhood educators in the Peterborough area to help make a difference in the outcomes for children through knowledge transfer and promoting best practice quality assurance and professionalism.

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Our Guiding Principles
  • A community systems approach is an effective strategy – by working together, we can ensure the well-being of all children. It is essential to demonstrate that we value all children by embracing practices and procedures that are free of deliberate or unintentional (systemic) barriers, so that no one is disadvantaged.
  • The community system will build on existing strengths of individuals and organizations, by committing to an engaged partnership in the process of developing quality assurance and professional education.
  • Initiatives and projects are evaluated to support efficacy, sustainability so that others can benefit from our experience and lessons learned
  • All child development and child care endeavours must be accessible, adaptable and flexible, and based on research and best practices.
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