Social Media Community Standards
Social Media Community Standards 
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Welcome to the social media pages managed by Five Counties Children’s Centre. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Our social media pages are monitored during regular business hours. Direct messages, replies and comments on our social media accounts are also reviewed regularly and will be responded to as needed.

The following Social Media Community Standards set out the purpose, expectations and terms of use for our social media accounts. While we welcome conversation and engagement, respect is a core value at Five Counties. That’s why we ask you to maintain a positive atmosphere and discourse by being courteous and respectful to others. Inappropriate and offensive comments will not be tolerated and will be removed. Thank you for familiarizing and following these Social Media Community Standards. We look forward to engaging with you online!


These social media pages are intended for social networking, information sharing and engagement to:

  • Help you learn more about our services and programs.
  • Provide credible resources and tips for families.
  • Share relevant information about what is going on in the ‘five counties’ region.

NOTE: Information shared on our social media sites should not replace any direct professional advice or recommendations, including that provided by Five Counties clinicians or allied health care partners.

We follow, like, and share content that we deem is of value to our followers. Please note that being followed, liked or re-posted does not imply endorsement of any kind. By posting or engaging with any of the Five Counties’ social media accounts, you must agree to our Terms of Use.

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When interacting with Five Counties, please refrain from including personal information (including full or last names, addresses or phone numbers), as all our social media pages are public. If personal information is posted on our public pages, we reserve the right to remove it and we take no responsibility for usage of your information by third parties. Five Counties is not responsible for the security of our social media accounts.

Our policy is NOT to share client information over the internet. As a result, if you have a question or concern about your child’s services, please phone or meet with the appropriate staff member or supervisor to discuss your concerns.

If you have concerns about privacy when engaging on any social media site, be sure to check the privacy settings on your own account.

Terms of Use

Five Counties Children’s Centre provides safe spaces for all kids, clients, families and others, whether in-person or online. All interactions on our social media accounts must be respectful, professional and constructive. Five Counties reserves the right to edit or remove any inappropriate or offensive remarks/postings made on our social media accounts at any time and without notice. In addition, we also reserve the right to block or remove access to repeat offenders of our Social Media Community Standards.

Comments/content that are not acceptable include:

  • Harassment, bullying, threats, slander, obscenity, profanity, and any other posts that are hateful, degrading or abusive.
  • Inaccurate/misleading information, opinion-based theories, conspiracy theories or harmful health practices.
  • Violation of a staff or client’s privacy, or posts that provide personal information of others.
  • Posts that include spam, repeated comments or do not relate to the initial post.
  • Violation of legal rights of another party, including intellectual property, or infringement of Canadian copyright regulations.
  • Posts that are commercial in nature and attempt to advertise, promote or sell products/services of an individual/business.
  • Posts containing unsolicited promotional material (including promotion/endorsement of political parties and/or religious organizations)
  • Content promoting illegal activity.
  • Any other posts deemed to be inappropriate by Five Counties.

The views of participants commenting on our social media accounts do not necessarily represent the views of Five Counties Children’s Centre. We welcome community participation on our social media accounts, and note that, at times, disagreements and constructive discussions may form part of the conversation.

For Additional Support

If you require additional information, visit the Contact section of our website or call 1-888-779-9916, ext. 200.