About Us
About Five Counties Children’s Centre

Five Counties Children’s Centre helps children with physical, communication and developmental problems.  We work with children and adolescents, along with their families and the community, to strengthen their abilities and promote their participation as active members of the community.

Partnering for Success

At the Centre we have a team approach; the family is the key member of this team. This family-centred approach provides quality service in a supportive environment. For more information, please review our Family Centred Care Principles.

We believe that:
  1. Families are equal partners in the planning and carrying out of services.
  2. Partnerships are based upon respect and open communication
  3. Service should be responsive to the needs of all family members
  4. Parents should have access to information regarding their child’s needs and treatment options
Strategic Plan, Vision and Mission

Have a look at our Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Themes by clicking on this link: Vision Mission and Values

Fund Development Team

The purpose of the Fund Development Team is to increase awareness about Five Counties Children’s Centre and secure the funding required to provide the critical services that kids and their families require. Email us at

Meet the Team
  • Lyn Giles, Director of Fund Development
    • Ph: 1-888-779-9916, ext. 381
  • Lisa Graham, Fund Development Coordinator
    • Ph: 1-888-779-9916, ext. 300
  • Linsey Kampf, Annual Giving Coordinator
    • Ph: 1-888-779-9916, ext. 380