Seating and Mobility Clinic
Seating and Mobility Clinic

Five Counties Children’s Centre Seating and Mobility Clinic is made up of Occupational Therapists (OTs), technicians and other staff who support children and youth who have difficulties with movement and require equipment (strollers, wheelchairs etc.) to help improve comfort, posture and their ability to perform daily activities.

What We Do
  • Assessment for seating systems and wheeled mobility for children/youth to self propel or have caregivers push for mobility in the home and community
  • Consultation of equipment needs for wound care issues related to wheelchair users
  • Fabrication and/or ordering of prescribed equipment
  • Assistance with funding options

Your physician or nurse practitioner may suggest a referral or Parents may arrange an appointment with their family physician, paediatrician or nurse practitioner to discuss a referral to the specialized clinics. Or if your child is already receiving Centre services, your child’s therapist or resource consultant may recommend a referral to a specialized clinic and the Parent or Centre staff will contact the child’s family physician or nurse practitioner to approve the referral.