Getting Started

Please contact us to talk about you/your child’s needs and we’ll help you get started. Referrals to the Centre can be made by families, Physicians / Nurse Practitioner, other agencies (Holland Bloorview or SickKids) and Community Partners.

Please visit How to Make a Referral for more information.

How long will my child wait?

When a referral is received it is reviewed and approved by the manager of the service. A referral may be prioritized based on a specific urgent need. Most frequently children are placed on a waiting list by date of referral. You will receive a letter indicating that the referral has been received and the estimated length of wait. Generally, the length of wait will be from a few weeks to months and is dependent on the service being requested.

What will happen at our first visit?

When you arrive at the Centre for the first time, you will check in with a receptionist and complete consent forms and for some services fill out a questionnaire on your child’s development. You will then be directed to the waiting area and the therapist will meet you there.

During the assessment, the therapist will discuss your child’s developmental milestones and your concerns about your child’s development. The therapist will have your child complete some activities to observe and measure your child’s development and to determine if there is a need for therapy service. The therapist will discuss the findings with you, recommend that therapy be offered and possibly make suggestions for activities that you can do at home. You will also receive a written report by mail a few weeks after the assessment is completed.

What happens if my child requires therapy services?

The Centre offers a range of interventions through its therapy services. The therapist will discuss the recommended interventions for your child.

Interventions include:

  • parent education groups
  • child therapy groups
  • individual child therapy with a therapy assistant or therapist
  • home programming (carried out by parent)
  • monitoring program (reassessments on a regular schedule to monitor development)
  • consultation to childcare providers, school teachers or recreation program providers
  • recommendations for specialized equipment or adaptations for specific activities
  • referral to other Centre services or other community service agencies

A child will access some or all of these interventions throughout their time at the Centre. Appointments will be made based on parent and therapist availability and scheduled group or parent education times.

How long will we wait for intervention?

The first step in intervention is the recommendations and suggestions given to you at the time of assessment that you can start implementing immediately. The length of wait for other interventions will depend on the urgency of your child’s needs, your availability to attend a parent group and the availability of staff to work with your child. The wait can be a few weeks or months. If you have concerns about your child’s development while you are waiting for intervention, you can call the therapist who completed your child’s assessment to request additional suggestions or a reassessment (six months after assessment).

Will I have to pay for services?

The Centre’s services are funded by the provincial and municipal governments and the Centre’s Fund Development Department at no cost to the parent. There may be fees for recreational programs or educational workshops. There is some government funding for certain types of equipment but there usually is a parent contribution portion. Centre staff will assist families to access financial assistance as much as possible.

How long will my child require services?

Every child’s needs are different and the length of service will vary from child to child. Some children require short intervention (a few visits) and some remain eligible for Centre services until 19 years of age. Your child’s therapist will outline the plan for therapy and will be able to give you some indication regarding how much intervention will be required. When your child is no longer requiring our services or is no longer eligible for our services, our staff will assist you in making the transition to other appropriate supports and services.