Coordinated Services Planning
Coordinated Services Planning

Do you have a child or youth with multiple or complex special needs? Coordinated Service Planning is a program that can assist. It provides your family with a seamless approach to getting the care your child needs.

What is it?

  • This program develops a coordinated plan of care with the family and all service providers.
  • Meetings are held regularly with a Service Planning Coordinator.
  • Coordinated Service planning focuses on all areas of a child’s development: fun, family, friends, function, fitness, and future.

Who is eligible?

  • Any child with special needs who is involved with two or more support services.
  • Available for children from birth to completion of high school.
  • Families who need help in coordinating their child’s services.

How to connect?

Service Planning Coordinators work with the following agencies:

Get involved with Coordinated Service Planning. Speak to your current team members from any of these agencies to find out more.