Vision & Terms of Reference
Investing in Quality Working Group

This group completes work on behalf of the Peterborough Early Years Planning Network. Our vision, guiding principles, and other overarching aspects will be guided by the Planning Networks Terms of Reference.

Respond to relevant research that may impact and influence best practice, enhance quality and professionalism in the Early Learning and Child Care Sector.

Members will work collaboratively to:
1. Champion professional learning that influences best practice.
2. Enhance learning through mentorship.
3. Facilitate meaningful measurement for quality improvement.
4. Identify evolving community needs.
5. Ensure the active engagement of Indigenous, Francophone and Newcomer partners in the planning, management and delivery of responsive programs and services for children and families.
6. Review analysis of insights from parents, caregivers and children to inform local programs and services and the development of local child care and early years service plans.
7. Help to build capacity of the early years workforce through advocacy and collaborative planning.
8. We will demonstrate that we value all children and their families and educators through our work.

Guiding Principles
The following principles will guide our work:
• Children, families, educators and our early learning community are our first priority.
• It is essential to demonstrate that we value all children and their families.
• Promote and foster collaboration, cooperation and integration of children’s services by building community capacity to support children and families.
• Embrace and value Peterborough’s indigenous, francophone, newcomers and other diverse communities.
• All child development supports will be equitable, accessible, inclusive and of high quality and based on current research and best practices.
• Maximize effective use of resources.
• The Ontario Pedagogy for the Early Years will inform our work.

Membership is open to any staff member from an organization that is included on the Early Years Planning Network and will range from 10-12 members. To ensure that decisions are informed by a broad range of early years’ partners, the following sectors should be represented:
• School boards
• Local public health
• Licensed child care providers (diverse representation is required)
• EarlyON Child and Family Centre service providers
• Children’s Services Agencies
• Indigenous representation
• Francophone representation
• City of Peterborough

The Investing in Quality working group will have two co-chairs, elected by the members of the committee.

The co-chairs will report back to the Early Years Planning Network by providing updates at each meeting to ensure the community stays informed. Minutes will be easily accessible to the Planning Network.

Decision Making
Decisions will be made whenever possible by consensus. If consensus cannot be achieved, the committee will design and then implement a voting process that is fair and equitable.

Meetings will be scheduled once a month (otherwise as needed), for a length of 2 hours.

Agendas and meeting materials will be prepared and circulated one week prior to each meeting. Minutes and presentation materials will be circulated following each meeting. Minutes will be completed on a rotation by the committee members.

Click to view: IIQ Strategic Plan 2015 Final