Speech Language Therapy
Speech Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy helps children with communication problems including feeding, swallowing, articulation, language, voice and stuttering.  Services are available for children from birth to secondary school exit.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech-language development or hearing, please contact the Centre and make a referral to the Speech-Language Therapy department for an assessment. We encourage families to have their child’s hearing assessed prior to their speech and language assessment. If you are not sure if your child requires assistance in these areas, you may phone the Centre and speak to the Central Intake Coordinator at 705-748-2337 ext. 100 or go to and access a screening tool.

If you are interested in private speech therapy or in having your child’s hearing assessed, you can locate a local therapist or audiologist through the following websites:

For more information about how you will help your child’s speech and language development please review the resources on this website.

Childhood Permanent Hearing Impairment Program

The provincial government funds a universal program for children with permanent hearing impairments from birth to Grade One entry. This program includes:

Infant Hearing Screening: Approximately 24 hours after birth, infants may have their hearing screened by a trained screener from the Centre at Peterborough Regional Health Centre. Children born with support from a midwife may also be screened by the midwife within a few days of their birth. Babies who ‘refer’ on the initial screening will be seen for follow-up at the community screening clinic and/or by the program’s audiologist.

If the baby does not get screened shortly after birth, the baby will be seen at a community clinic located at the Five Counties Children’s Centre sites. Babies identified with hearing loss or ‘at risk’ will be referred for follow-up services such as audiology, family support services, communication development services or further screening.

Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment Services: This program includes children with permanent hearing impairments as diagnosed by an audiologist. Services available to these children and their families include family support, communication development, audiology and hearing aid management.

For more information go to the Tri-Regional Infant Hearing Program Website (associated with Markham Stouffville Hospital Child Development Program) or the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services website. Or call the Centre at (705) 748-2337 ext. 270.