Northumberland Backyard Project
Northumberland Backyard Project

If you build it, they will come. And that’s why we need your support to turn our ‘field of dreams ‘ into a reality for kids and families in Northumberland County!

What is the Northumberland Backyard Project?

The Northumberland Backyard Project would see an unused piece of land behind Five Counties Children’s Centre in Cobourg transformed into a safe, fully-accessible backyard green space. At present, the 25,200-square-foot parcel of property behind the Five Counties’ Northumberland site cannot be used due to drainage and traffic concerns.

Once transformed, the Northumberland Backyard Project would become an accessible backyard green space that includes a fully accessible playground, sensory play equipment, accessible garden area, gazebo, storage space and track.

Why is this needed?

There is tremendous need for more space and options to provide treatment, recreation, cultural awareness and outdoor education programming in Northumberland County. Hundreds of kids of all ages and abilities and their families in Northumberland would benefit. The Northumberland Backyard Project would provide more space and capacity to support families in region. Its proposed accessible playground area would also be the first of its kind in Northumberland.

Who is behind this initiative?

The Northumberland Backyard Project is truly a community effort. While Five Counties is spearheading the initiative, its key partners include the County of Northumberland, Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre, YMCA Northumberland and the local EarlyON Child and Family Centre. Clients, families and visitors to these agencies and other community partners would stand to benefit from the Northumberland Backyard Project.

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Help us turn our field of dreams into the Northumberland Backyard Project. Read more on this page on how your support can help endure kids and families get the treatment and support they need that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!

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Words of Support
  • “This is a much needed project for our area!” – Laurie
  • “The Northumberland Backyard Project would create a place for children with and without disabilities to play easily and build friendships, to receive therapy in a natural setting that will help reduce anxiety and help them become all that they can be.” – Julie
  • “Children with disabilities would benefit immensely from the opportunity to engage in play, their primary way of exploring and understanding their world. This could have long-lasting and significant benefits to their quality of life and engagement in this amazing community.” – Daniel
  • “As someone who works with children with disabilities, a space like this is much needed in the Cobourg area.” – Kelsey
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Message from Five Counties' CEO Scott Pepin

Your donation is an investment in a child’s future and encourages their confidence, independence and inclusion in our community. This campaign is important because we know this investment carries forward into adulthood, where having these improved skills will continue to provide a positive impact on their quality of life. Please give to the Northumberland Backyard Project campaign today because every donation helps us build abilities for life!

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To learn more or discuss how to support the campaign, please contact us at or 1-888-779-9915 x381.

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