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We invite you to write us, or from time to time we may ask you to complete a survey about the services we offer online. If you identify yourself in these communications with us, we will never use your words in testimonials that identify you without your explicit prior permission.

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Information About Community Programs and Events

As a community partner, Five Counties is pleased to provide information on this website about other community programs and events which may be of interest to clients and their families. Availability does not mean that we have reviewed them or constitute an endorsement by us. Five Counties does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for such programs and events.


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Automated Web Page Language Translation

Computer programs can make intelligent guesses as to what an appropriate translation should be.  Therefore, automated translations can help a reader understand the general content of text in a foreign language.  However, because the translations are generated by computer programs, not all translations are perfect, and the accuracy of translations may be different between languages.  Computer translations are not available for all languages.


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