Professional Networks
Professional Networks

Join one of the community networks to share your experiences, learn from others in the profession and gain valuable perspective on the variety of early learning programs within the city and county of Peterborough.  For more information on the existing networks taking place in our community visit one of the networks below.

Early Learning Network

The Early Learning Network is for all staff working in early learning and child care programs and meets 4 times each year.

Topics range from Documentation; Early Literacy; STEM, Loose Parts; What Do Babies Think, Physical Literacy, etc.

Current information for upcoming networks can be found under the Events Calendar.

School-Aged Network

The School-Age Network meets 4 times each year.  Topics vary depending on the current interest of educators.  Some of the past topics have been:  Working from a Cart, Cooperative Games, the Sexual Health of School-Aged Children, Summer Camp Activities, Communicating with School Board Partners, etc.

Current information for upcoming networks can be found under Events Calendar.

Nutrition Network

The cook’s network meets 4-5 times each year and is co-facilitated by a Dietitian from Peterborough Public Health.  The purpose of this network is to support the work of the Nutrition staff in early learning programs.  Various topics are discussed at each meeting such as: Strategies to Boost Veggies and Fruits; Menu Planning; Cooking Workshops; Grocery Store Tours and more.

Current information for upcoming networks can be found under the ‘Professional Learning’ tab on the Events Calendar.



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Supervisor’s Network

The purpose of the Supervisor’s Network is to promote and support the development of child care and early learning supervisors as they implement best practices for their programs.

The Supervisor’s Network will consider the below to achieve its goal:

  • Collaboration of knowledge and planning enables the provision of the best possible programs for families and children. 
  • Share opportunities to gain knowledge and skills from each other
  • Share and build on current best practices with regards to effective management leadership, programming, and mentorship

All administrators of early years settings are welcome to attend these meetings. Current information for upcoming network meetings can be found on the Events Calendar.