Specialized Clinics

For specialized clinics/services that involve the Centre’s Paediatrician, a physician’s referral is required.  Your physician or nurse practitioner may suggest a referral or Parents may arrange an appointment with their family physician, paediatrician or nurse practitioner to discuss a referral to the specialized clinics.  Or if your child is already receiving Centre services, your child’s therapist or resource teacher may recommend a referral to a specialized clinic and the Parent or Centre staff will contact the child’s family physician or nurse practitioner to approve the referral.

Seating/Orthotic Clinic

  • assesses children’s needs for seating, mobility and orthotic equipment and prescribes these devices.

Pediatric Assessment

  • completed by the Centre’s Medical Director, provides consultation to families and staff regarding children’s medical issues.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • The Centre’s Medical Director may also assess children suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorder using standardized assessment tools.

Palato Facial Management Clinic

  • provides coordination, assessment and planning for children with cleft lip and palate and some other associated problems.

Spina Bifida Clinic

  • provides assessment and planning for children with spina bifida.

Orthopaedic Clinic

  • provides assessment and management of children’s orthopaedic needs in partnership with the Orthopaedic Surgeon from the Hospital for Sick Children and Grandview Children’s Treatment Centre.

Botox Clinic

  • assesses children’s need for treatment with Botox, administers Botox injections and evaluates outcomes. The team consists of the parents and child, the Botox Clinic Coordinator, the Paediatrician and the child’s Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist.
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