Who We Are

The Five Counties Children’s Centre Foundation Board of Trustees meets formally nine times a year. Trustees serve as advisors to the Foundation staff, stewards of donor’s gifts and are an integral part of donor recognition.

Board of Trustees


Tracy Magee, Past Chairperson
Greg Shaw, Chairperson
Bob Jameson, 1st Vice
Patrick McAuley, 2nd Vice
Jane Panter, Treasurer
Dave Adams, Secretary


Bob Jameson
Tracy Magee
Barb Munro
Greg Shaw
Christian Eriksson
Patrick McAuley
Amy West
Jason Chessar
Jane Panter
Dr. Mark Siegel
Marty Kerslake
Heath Sterling
Noah Crowley



Dave Adams – Executive Director – 705-748-2337 ext 380

Carolyn Fox – Annual Giving Manager – 705-324-9320 ext 526

(Above listing updated Feb 2017)

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