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  All of Nolan’s brothers play lacrosse. They found their passion and ran with it. Nolan has found his passion too. Well, guess what that is? Find out here!

One Birthday. Two Unique Children.

maxxmayaYou expect to have these perfect littles babies and, when it doesn’t happen, it’s frightening. Maxx and Maya were so tiny and fragile. I felt so helpless and afraid. When I brought them home I was even more overwhelmed. That’s when Five Counties came in. They helped me understand the individual needs of my children and showed me how to meet them.

Meet Maxx and Maya. Born at 26 weeks and weighing only 1 lb., 15 oz each, they are now achieving amazing milestones. For the full story click this link: Meet Maxx and Maya

Without Five Counties, I would not be where I am today.

AdamAdam has been a part of the Five Counties community for more than 20 years. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a young age, he frequently received treatment from Five Counties. What he enjoyed most at the Centre was being involved in the recreational therapy programs like sledge hockey. Today, Adam teaches school and volunteers his time Five Counties. What is most important to Adam is showing younger children what can be accomplished with determination and a positive attitude. For the full story click this link: Meet Adam

Finding a Voice.

BriittaneeBrittanee had trouble speaking certain sounds and words when she was younger. This made her self-conscious to the point where she would let her brother speak for her. In Grade 2, Brittanee’s parents turned to Five Counties for help. With her therapist Lyn, Brittanee began to learn to articulate words and her self-confidence grew. Today, Brittanee joins in at school, is involved in extra-curricular activities, and even public speaking. In the future, she hopes to work with those who are disabled to show them how special they are. For the full story click this link: Meet Brittanee

Touching Lives and Making Dreams Come True

ShaneAs a mother, Cathy’s world was shattered when she was told her son Shane had a rare syndrome called Costello Syndrome. This syndrome caused Shane’s speech and physical development to be delayed. Five Counties provided speech therapy and augmentative communication tools to help Shane learn to communicate. Physical therapy and surgery made it possible for him to run and play with his brothers and friends instead of just watching. With the support of Five Counties, Cathy now has hopes and dreams for the future. For the full story click this link: Meet Shane




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